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The Principle of Integrity

Integrity can sometimes be a difficult and abstract concept to understand fully. And we must fully understand what integrity is before we can have it and apply it to daily life.

I like to use buildings as an analogy; it’s an easy concept that everyone can understand.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Veterinary CT Scanner

Choosing the best veterinary CT Scanner for your practice is crucial. Below are some helpful tips to avoid the pitfalls of making the wrong decision.

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The Principle of Quality

In a previous post we discussed principles and how they function.  If you have not read that post, this one may not make sense, so please check it out HERE .

Quality is a primary principle of our human existence. The principle of quality simply means that we should always do our best.  As a principle, this applies to organizations and individuals, small tasks and large ones.  If there is a better way to do something, do it the better way.  Additionally, effort must be expended to learn, improve and gain capability to be better.

Living with Principles - The Epica Way

There are certain rules of the universe that cannot be avoided; I like to refer to these as principles. Principles are ubiquitous, unavoidable realities of our human existence. Principles are as real and constant as the laws of physics, even if less tangible. Yet while you never see a sane person trying to defy gravity (even if he never took a physics class) people try to defy principles on a daily basis.

The Importance of Happy

Do you find it strange that when you ask someone to tell you about him or herself, they almost always lead with their occupation (assuming they are employed)? This is because we often base our identity on our occupation.  We spend a lot of our life efforts on our career, which is great, if you are proud of it. 

The Epica Way

The results of any venture are determined by the individual level of success or failure achieved in countless actions and interactions. We believe that there is a way of operating, a way of living- that makes success less elusive. We can affect the outcomes of individual situations thus reaching our biggest goals.  We can cause the world to present us with boundless opportunities that seemingly fall from the sky.