The Epica Way

May 6, 2015

The results of any venture are determined by the individual level of success or failure achieved in countless actions and interactions. We believe that there is a way of operating, a way of living- that makes success less elusive. We can affect the outcomes of individual situations thus reaching our biggest goals.  We can cause the world to present us with boundless opportunities that seemingly fall from the sky. 

By piecing together small otherwise unlikely successes repeatedly, we can achieve what previously seemed impossible, assuming that we had the confidence and the vision to attempt what seemed impossible. 

Avoiding large mistakes while achieving results that are more optimal, more consistent, and more predictable, is a reliable and repeatable formula for success.  Now all of this should seem obvious; yet success is elusive for most. The simple reason is because most people do not know how to operate this way, and frankly, that is our massive competitive advantage.

We can control micro and macro outcomes.  We can outperform, and we can achieve reliable successes that seem impossible.  We can because we live and operate in a manner that we refer to as The Epica Way.

In this series of blogs I will explain the many components, philosophies and ideas of The Epica Wayand show you the logical and predictable outcomes we achieve by adhering to #TheEpicaWay Not everyone can do this; in fact, most people cannot.  The bite-sized philosophical rants that make up this series of blogs are actually being written for our team (The Epica Family) as a method of helping us stay on point.  We are sharing this series because it is harmless in the hands of our competitors and if you happen to be an individual capable of operating at in The Epica Way, maybe we should work together!  Whether this serves as inspiration for a life shift or bathroom reading on your smart phone, I hope you enjoy.

-Greg Stoutenburgh