Living with Principles - The Epica Way

May 7, 2015

There are certain rules of the universe that cannot be avoided; I like to refer to these as principles. Principles are ubiquitous, unavoidable realities of our human existence. Principles are as real and constant as the laws of physics, even if less tangible. Yet while you never see a sane person trying to defy gravity (even if he never took a physics class) people try to defy principles on a daily basis.

To many, this may sound like hokum and fluff; and if after reading this that is you, then I would be thrilled to have you as a competitor!  Working The Epica Way we recognize that our business must be built from the bottom up starting with a philosophical foundation, then culture, then strategy, and always in that order. 

It is true that culture eats strategy for breakfast, but philosophy is the breakfast chef.  At Epica, our philosophy is firmly rooted in principles.

Principles are simply rules that make sure we work and exist within the framework of human behavior. Stimulus elicits reactions, in ourselves and in others. No matter how much of a ‘right’ you feel you have or how you may justify yourself, if you defy principles the outcome will be poor, or at least very suboptimal. Principles differ from values in their universality and application to everyone (whether they are acknowledged and respected or not), while values are individual.

Quality, Integrity, Compassion, Service, and Abundance are all principles. Each of these will be individually addressed in upcoming posts.  There may be more principles that we have missed, but these we know to be true and we honor in our philosophy, vision, culture, and strategies.

Living within principles will improve your success, make you happier, minimize your problems, and make life a whole lot simpler.  In fact, I will argue that every single real problem you have comes from an attempt to defy principles.  We are all in business and making a profit, even a large profit is not a bad thing.  Being a bad person, or a bad organization not only makes you unhappy, it limits your success. Show me an organization that defies principles as a matter of course, and I will show you and organization that is inhibiting its potential.

We are not in church and I am not proselytizing. The simple fact is principles are always in line with being a good person and necessary to optimize your success. If this seems to have a ring of truth to it in your mind, than please tune in to future posts because the Abundance principle will say that maybe we should work together.

I wish you optimized success,

-Greg Stoutenburgh