How We’re Changing Medicine – The Epica™ Way

Medical care, in all countries and with all species, is expensive.  The economics work like this:  Money pays for technology and expertise in diagnosis and treatment that yields an outcome.  Our optimal outcome is always a return to original health and ability, although that outcome is seldom achieved.

One of the problems is that many people, technologies, devices and efforts must be expended in diagnosis and treatment. By utilizing more tests, more technologies, more drug therapies and more specialized equipment, costs continue to pile up.   This cycle is expensive and time consuming. This is inefficient.

Another problem is that many diagnostics and treatments render inadequate results. All requiring more and more care in search of an adequate result.  The results however are usually inconclusive tests and therapies with limited success. This is inefficient.

Lastly, many of the diagnostics and treatments cause damage to the patient; requiring recovery times, more treatment, or diminished results.  Drugs have side effects, radiation can cause cancer, and invasive procedures are dangerous and require healing. This is inefficient.

Epica™ is driven to leverage the technology that exists today for the benefit of patients and caregivers.  Procedures can be more effective and less invasive at the same time.  Imaging can show the doctors more information more simply while decreasing radiation exposure to the patient by up to 90%.  All of these things can be done more cost effectively by using devices that are multi-modality and capable of doing more than one thing.  

Safer care with better outcomes at affordable prices, is not just our goal, it is the reality that we live in.  That is "The Epica™ way".

Please spend some time and learn more about our mission to change medicine, and if you agree with us then join the Epica™ family by utilizing our technology, promoting our vision, joining our conversations, engaging social networks.

Our future is now and we are thrilled to have you join us.