Diagnostic Imaging

The goal of all diagnostic imaging devices is to provide doctors with a visual window into their patients; which ultimately aids in diagnosis. Epica™ takes this charge further...

We believe imaging resolution should be higher than any device ever created to prevent missing of important details. We believe doctors should be able to instantly access any view  (2D, 3D or moving video), of the region of interest to make the diagnosis clear and easy.   

We believe the system should be:

  • Fast,
  • Simple to use, with virtually no learning curve
  • Flexible
  • Built for the needs of the care giver and the patient
  • Fit multiple types, sizes and species of patients
  • Be SAFER for the patient and the operator.

From these demands, the Vimago™ platform was born.

Vimago™ HDCT™, Fluoroscopy, Digital Radiography system is now available for veterinary professionals.

Diagnostic imaging is now better, safer, easier, and more cost effective than ever before.  That is the Epica™ way.