Interventional Imaging

Some problems require procedural intervention, but the doctor or veterinarian  must be able to “see it," to be able to fix it.  In the past this meant invasive surgical procedures that could cause tremendous damage and require lengthy recovery times.  Medicine is driving towards methods that are less invasive to enhance safety and reduce recovery times.  In order to do this, we need imaging.

This is the fundamental need that drove the development of the Vimago™ platform for Interventional Imaging. Vimago™ HDCT™, Fluoroscopy, Digital Radiography systems are now available for veterinary professionals.

With High Definition Computed Tomography (HDCT™), a surgeon can see a 'right now' 3D image of a patient before, during and after a procedure.  

With the Vespucci system attached, the surgeon can navigate live movements of the patient on the table, seeing the bones move and the exact orientation of devices and implants in the patient, speeding up procedures and greatly improving results.

With high resolution Fluoroscopy, a doctor can see live video imaging of the patient for exact placement of devices during a procedure.

Vimago™ breaks new ground in Interventional Imaging, allowing diagnosis and intervention on a single multi-modality platform. Expanding capabilities for better, safer, and more cost effective treatments; that is the Epica™ way.