MISA™ — Minimally Invasive Surgical Ablation

Minimally Invasive Surgical Ablation (MISA™) describes a process of delivering specific waveforms and fluence of energy with a laser fiber directly to tissue that requires eradication in order to vaporize that tissue without causing unnecessary collateral damage with a more invasive surgery.

With MISA™, a very small catheter, needle, or scope may be used to guide the ablation fiber to the tissue in the body or in a cavity that is otherwise hard to reach.  Appropriate laser energy is delivered to vaporize the tissue within a very controllable area around the tip of the fiber.  The fiber and delivery device are removed, any necessary suturing or bandaging is performed and the procedure is complete.

A few applications for MISA™ include:

• Sinus/nasal tumors
• Oral Tumors
• Aural Tumors and Masses
• Abdominal Tumors
• Thyroid Tumors
• Hyperplasia
• Cardiac Arrhythmia's

MISA™ provides the ability to cure, with less risk, less pain, shorter recovery, and better outcome all while taking less time from the provider.  

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