Epica™ Hires Expert Radiologist

August 13, 2015
Epica™ Hires Expert Radiologist, Dr. Robert O’Brien as Director of Imaging for Veterinary CT Scanners: Vimago™ and Pegaso™

Epica™ Medical Innovations, a leader in innovative veterinary CT scanners and regenerative therapy solutions for the veterinary market, announced today that they have hired Dr. Robert T. O’Brien, DVM, DACVR, as the Director of Imaging.

As a boarded Radiologist, Dr. O’Brien brings more than 20 years worth of experience and knowledge of veterinary imaging to Epica™.  Dr. O’Brien will oversee development and improvements with Epica’s™ two veterinary CT Scanners: Vimago™ HD CT™ and Pegaso™ HD CT™ – ensuring that these products remain the most advanced veterinary CT scanners in the world.

Dr. O’Brien began his image-related training at the University of Pennsylvania where he worked many prestigious veterinarians investigating new and novel imaging protocols and methodology. He adopted a philosophy of “test all preconceptions” and reject the “old and unprovable”. Along his academic career he became the world’s expert in contrast ultrasound imaging; resulting in the landmark manuscript describing the appearance of liver nodules with contrast ultrasound. More recently Dr. O’Brien pushed the traditional limitations of conventional CT with many novel ‘awake’ imaging protocols, including those for dyspneic cats, dogs with PTE, left sided congestive heart failure in cats, large bronchial collapse in dogs, whole body imaging with dogs with blunt or penetrating trauma and dogs with acute abdominal signs. Dr. O’Brien has taken this open-mindedness and scientific inquisitive nature to a new form of CT.

“We’re thrilled to have Dr. O’Brien in our Epica Family. Not only is Dr. O’Brien a great guy, he is also one of the most innovative and thoughtful Radiologists that I’ve ever met. Dr. O’Brien’s vast knowledge of radiology and imaging will help ensure that Epica’s veterinary CT scanners continue to be well ahead of anything else on the market.”  Noted Greg Stoutenburgh, President, Epica Medical Innovations.

About Epica™
Epica™ Medical Innovations, a subsidiary of Epica™ International, Inc, designs, engineers and builds innovative and game changing Veterinary CT Scanners and Regenerative Therapy Devices available for veterinary use.

Leveraging science and technology with expert engineering and an understanding of veterinary practice, Epica™ Medical Innovations delivers products that improve quality of care, safety, efficiency, and profitability while increasing the overall capabilities of the practice. Better, safer, smarter products -that is "The Epica™ Way."