Experts Save Pooches Leg with Help from Artemis™

May 28, 2015

WATSONTOWN, PA — Malaki, a 2-year-old Belgium German shepherd, should have lost his leg.

A stricture wound the animal suffered in January cut off the blood supply and led to the amputation of three toes during surgery to remove the damaged part of the leg. But thanks to the effort of a Valley veterinarian and an orthopedic doctor who is developing a splint for Malaki, the pet owned by a Luzerne County couple will be able to run and play like a normal young dog. Veterinarian Dr. Thomas Haas, the owner of the Animal Emergency Shelter in Watsontown who is treating Malaki, said no one knows how the original wound happened, but it was similar to the animal being caught in a trap.

Owners Tom and Bernadette Meyers, of Freeland, noticed it after they had the dog neutered in January at another veterinarian clinic, but Haas said no one can tell for sure if the injury occurred then.

The couple had rescued the abused dog, via the Carbon County animal shelter, about a year ago from a farm where Tom said the animal was beaten and spent his days tied to a tree. “He was all skin and bones,” Tom said.

The Meyers brought Malaki to the Animal Emergency Center because the center had treated their German shepherd named Morticae, after a friend referred them there. That pet has since died from cancer. Because Malaki’s leg was severely infected, Haas said he treated the dog with (Artemis™)  high-intensity laser therapy for about two months. After months of treatment, with the couple spending thousands of dollars and frequently making the more than 60-mile round trip — sometimes twice a day — to the center, they met orthopedist Dr. Paul Lin of SUN Orthopedics of Evangelical on May 19 so he could make a casting of Malaki’s leg for a custom orthopedic splint that an Oregon company called OrthoVet will create.

Haas sedated the dog for that work and for a CAT scan he took of the bone. “We’re going to send the molding and the orthopedist will decide what sort of splint (is needed),” Haas said.

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