New Veterinary CT Scanner Uses 60-90% Less Radiation - Making CT Safer for Pets

February 9, 2015

Epica™ Medical Innovations, a leader in innovative imaging and therapeutic solutions for the veterinary market, announced today that they have released the Vimago LX™.


Vimago LX™ , is a high-definition, low radiation Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner with Fluoroscopy and Digital Xray - made for veterinary use. Vimago LX™ CT scanner boasts functionality and imaging improvements over the first generation device - Vimago™.

Epica™ Medical Innovations has increased the power on Vimago LX™, to standard 220 volt electric, resulting in improved performance. The enhancement enabled Epica™ to eliminate any potential of the device over-heating, when being used in high-volume veterinary practices. In addition to increasing the devices power, Epica™ has been able to advance Vimago’s™ already stellar image quality, producing contrast resolution that will match or beat that of conventional CT. Vimago LX™ uses 60-90% less radiation than standard CT, making Vimago LX™ the safer choice for pets and veterinarians.

Vimago LX™ is an entirely new class of veterinary CT scanners – using patent-pending CT technology that has been engineered specifically for the veterinary market. For many years veterinary practitioners have had to “make due” with CT scanners that were made for humans, use high amounts of radiation and provide less than adequate imaging. Vimago LX™ can accommodate even very large breed dogs, such as mastiffs that can weigh as much as 200 pounds.


“Now pet owners can feel more confident and safer about getting CT studies for their pets. Not only will their pets be exposed to significantly less radiation, but the superior image quality and interventional capabilities of the Vimago™ will allow Veterinarians to deliver better diagnosis and more advanced treatment plans,” notes Greg Stoutenburgh, President of Epica™ Medical Innovations.

Veterinarians who have been utilizing Vimago™in their veterinary practices are impressed with performance, reliability and image quality. “The Vimago™ makes all other CT’s obsolete, the designers didn’t just think outside of the box, they redefined it." Shared Dr. Timothy McCarthy DVM, PhD, DACVS, at Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital in Newport Beach, CA.

Vimago LX ™ is available for sale worldwide. Learn more about how Epica™ is advancing veterinary medicine, with their innovative product offerings, visit:

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