Meet Vimago™ Veterinary CT Scanner

Introducing Vimago™ - the most advanced veterinary CT scanner in the world. Vimago™ is a robotically controlled,  high-definition veterinary CT scanner that also performs Fluoroscopy and Digital X-ray, while using 60-90% less radiation than standard CT.  Vimago™ - the future of imaging.  Learn more:

Watch Vimago™ in action. Learn more, click here.

Dr. Gary Norsworthy- 2015 Educator of the Year!

We're proud to annouce that Dr. Gary Norsworthy, was voted "Small Animal Educator of the Year" for 2015 by Western Veterinary Conference

Positioning Tips for Veterinary CT

It is critical to produce clear and accurate diagnostic images. With veterinary CT, the position of your patient has a great deal to do with your image quality. Iso-centering will help you achieve the best results. Good iso-centering will result in consistent image quality and lower doses of radiation.

Epica™ Medical Innovations Launches Pegaso™ The Worlds First Equine Specific CT Scanner

Epica™ Medical Innovations Launches Pegaso™

The Worlds First Equine Specific CT Scanner

January 28, 2015, San Clemente, CA – Epica™ Medical Innovations, a leader in innovative imaging and therapeutic solutions for the veterinary market, announced today that they have released the worlds first ever, CT Scanner specifically designed for Equine medicine – Pegaso™.

Cokie Recovery

Story by Jana Eschbach / CBS 12 NEWS

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - We first told you last month about a little 5 year-old mother pug, burned trying to save her puppies from a shed that caught fire.

Tonight, she's making a remarkable comeback, with a new high-tech treatment in Fort Pierce. 

We first met Cokie July 28th and didn't know if she'd survive her injuries. 

AERC in FL Uses Artemis to Help Canine Burn Victim

-by Jana Eschbach, CBS 12 News, Florida

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - The fire took only minutes to engulf the shed Cokie, the Pug called home with her young puppies. 

The next day, after the fire, animal control workers found the critically burned mom, still clutching her only surviving puppy.