NRT™ — Non-invasive Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative medicine is an exciting field.  The ability to regrow damaged tissue in a healthy way would change medical care in a profound way. Technologies like stem cells and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapies have had great promise but have not really lived up to the hype.  Research shows mixed and meager results for all such therapies and the invasive and often very painful methods used for these therapies have hardly been worth it. 

Epica™ has developed a new therapy called NRT™ (Non-invasive Regenerative Therapy).  As the name suggests, NRT™ is a way to regenerate and even remodel already fibrotic tissue back to a normal and elastic state completely non-invasively, without pain or side effects but with tremendous efficacy

NRT™ makes it possible to promote physiological tissue regeneration and tissue remodeling, especially in chronic fibrotic tissue.

NRT™ is a process of delivering tissue, specific pulses of high power but low volume energy of the appropriate wavelength and waveform to tissues that either needs to heal or have already been replaced by fibrotic tissue.  These perfectly tuned pulses mechanically cause the cytoskeleton of the cell to signal the nucleus in the same way a healthy cell would, in order to turn on the cell cycle.  We actually mimic the intracellular signaling pathway while providing energy to the cell to cause it to turn the cell cycle back on.  When some cells in the area of damage are triggered they enter mitosis and also utilize stem cells, which differentiate into the appropriate tissue type. 

Hyaline cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscle, bone, and many other tissue types can be regenerated. NRT™ promotes the rebalancing of tissue, making it possible to restart the physiological regeneration process, just after the first treatments (2-3 weeks). As the new cells are created, healing, and even replacing fibrotic tissue, they express factors that influence the cells around them to turn back on.  The result is a healing cascade that allows regeneration of tissue in a way that was previously thought to be impossible. 

For NRT™ to be effective:

  • The energy must be of the right wavelength
  • The right waveform
  • The right power and pulse frequency
  • Delivered to the right area

Additionally, RIM™ (Rapid Inflammatory Mitigation) therapy must be performed before and after NRT™, to provide an environment in which it is possible for the healing cascade to occur.

NRT™ offers levels of efficacy that are astounding, but also offers outcomes that were previously inconceivable. NRT™ changes everything we thought about what was possible.  Now you can hold the power to heal in your hand.


Epica™ has the only devices in the world capable of NRT™.  Epica™ offers the Artemis™ platform for NRT™, RIM ™ and other therapies.  Click here to learn more.