There is a new category of veterinary therapeutic devices, with only one member - Artemis™. Artemis™ is the world's most advanced multi-modality therapy device for animals.

The Artemis™ is used to treat animals for:

  • RIM™ | Rapid Inflammatory Mitigation
  • NRT™ | Non-invasive Regenerative Therapy
  • MISA | Minimally Invasive Surgical Ablation

Artemis™ works at a wavelength that is poorly absorbed by tissues and causes a vibration of carbon-carbon bonds resulting in photomechanical cellular ‘massaging’ without generating harmful levels of heat. Artemis™ therapies are far beyond the abilities of any other veterinary modality available today. 

Artemis™, one of the most powerful therapy devices available for veterinary use, and is the only device that allows for modification on the energy waveform to allow incredible depths of penetration, photomechanical effects, and bio-stimulation, resulting in efficacy for NRT™ and RIM™ therapy -the outcomes are so incredible they simply must be seen to be believed.