Robotic, High-Definition 3D Volumetric Imaging, with Large Field, and High-Resolution Fluoroscopy — Designed Specifically for Equine Practice.

Meet Pegaso™ — A QUANTUM LEAP in diagnostic, interventional, and intraoperative imaging with a platform that was designed to keep horses calm and safe. Pegaso™ can scan the head and neck of a standing horse. Pegaso™ can scan with 3D resolution that is up to1481 times higher than conventional CT, while using significantly less radiation. Fluoroscopy is available with the push of a button. The Pegaso™ delivers soft and hard tissue imaging that is so stunning, the world has never seen anything like it.

Pegaso™ uses Epica’s™ new, patent-pending technology to provide micro CT quality resolution and soft tissue contrast that will make even previously impossible-to-see lesions clear. With a quick and intuitive workflow and clever ergonomic features, it’s clear that Pegaso™ was engineered and designed specifically for the needs of the equine veterinarian. Owning a Pegaso™ will change the way you practice, image, and diagnose. Interventional and interoperative imaging is made extraordinarily simple with the flexible and mobile design of the Pegaso™, resulting in a multi-modality masterpiece that outperforms solo designed systems in each respective modality.

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Whether your focus is on utility, quality, simplicity, or flexibility Pegaso™ HD 3D volumetric technology changes everything about equine CT.