Meet Epica’s™ multi-modality imaging masterpiece that does not ask you to compromise on any front - Vimago™; the world's most advanced veterinary imaging device

Vimago™ is a Robotic, High Definition 3D Volumetric Scanner-Fluoroscopy-Digital Radiography platform that is capable of imaging an entire patient in a single series, and can fit even extremely large dogs. The system is easy to use and easy to train staff to use;  while operating at a speed equivalent to a 4-slice conventional CT. Images can be exported as DICOM and viewed by any adequate DICOM viewing software. Vimago™ is a mobile device that can easily be moved throughout a facility to be used as a diagnostic or interventional imaging device. Vimago™ does not require any special build-outs or special shielding* and uses a standard 220V electrical outlet.


The Vimago™ is an entirely new and patent-pending type of technology that goes Beyond CT, engineered specifically for the veterinary market.